Sermons 2022 - The Sunday Message

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11th December 2022 – Christmas Carol service in the afternoon, no streaming.

18th December and 25th December – No streaming – next service 8th January 2023.

Mandy Smith – Mary mother of Jesus

Sunday 4th December 2022

Mandy Smith- Waiting

Sunday 27th November 2022

Andrew Murray- Jesus

Sunday 20th November 2022 (Evening service)

Angela Johnson-Coccia- 2 Samuel 25

Sunday 20th November 2022

Sunday 13th November 2022 – Well, we had lots of difficulties with the power cutting and things not going straight, if you click on this link you will get the majority of the service where Angela spoke from 1 Samuel 25 about Abigail.

Mandy Smith – 2 Samuel 11

Sunday 6th November 2022

Sunday 30th October – Harvest Festival family service.  No streaming of the service was done, the word was from Luke 8 v 4- 15 on the parable of the sower.

Michael Collins – 2 Samuel 9 v 1-13

Sunday 23rd October 2022

Sunday 16th October 2022 – Michael Collins spoke from 1 Samuel 18 about David’s friendship with Saul’s son Jonathan.  Unable to copy to YouTube, here is link back to facebook preach

Mandy Smith – David and Goliath

Sunday 9th October 2022

Mandy Smith – The forgotten son?

Sunday 3rd October 2022

Michael Collins – Better call Saul

Sunday 25th September 2022

18th September 2022 – Jonathan and Rachel Oatridge came to speak to us, unfortunately due to technical difficulties the sermon was not recorded.

Michael Collins – Salt & Light

Sunday 11th September 2022

Mandy Smith – Follow me (Part 2)

Sunday 4th September 2022

Mandy Smith – Follow me (Part 1)

Sunday 28th August 2022

Angela Johnson-Coccia – Nehemiah 13

Sunday 21st August 2022

14h August – Service not recorded as a praise celebration based on Nehemiah 11 and 12.

7th August – No Service held at The Storehouse Church Alford as ‘Arise’ celebration held at The Storehouse Church Skegness.

Michael Collins – Nehemiah 10

Sunday 31st July 2022

Mandy Smith – Nehemiah 9

Sunday 24th July 2022

Jan Owbridge – Healing

Sunday 17th July 2022

Mandy Smith – Nehemiah 8

Sunday 10th July 2022

Mandy Smith – Nehemiah 7

Sunday 3rd July 2022

Mandy Smith – Nehemiah 6

Sunday 26th June 2022

Michael Collins – Nevertheless

Sunday 19th June 2022

Angela Johnson-Coccia – Nehemiah 5

Sunday 12th June 2022

Mandy Smith- Nehemiah 4

Sunday 5th June 2022

Mandy Smith- Kenya Update

Sunday 29th May 2022

Jamie Tonge (Revive church Hull)- 2 Kings 4 v1 – 7

Sunday 22nd May 2022

Michael Collins – Nehemiah 1- Nehemiah’s prayer

Sunday 15th May 2022

Mandy Smith – Rebuild (Nehemiah 1-3)

Sunday 8th May 2022

1st May 2022 – No live recording – Vision Sunday with people sharing.

Mandy Smith – Gift of teaching

Sunday 24th April 2022

Michael Collins – Easter Sunday

Sunday 17th April 2022

Mandy Smith – Gift of Pastor

Sunday 10th April 2022

Mandy Smith – Gift of evangelism

Sunday 3rd April 2022

Mandy Smith – Gift of apostle

Sunday 27th March 2022

Mandy Smith – Persevering under trial

Sunday 20th March 2022

Angela Johnson-Coccia – Prophetic gift

Sunday 13th March 2022

Keith Hodgson – Spiritual battle

Sunday 6th March 2022

27th February 2022 – Family service – the children were involved with crafting activities of Noah’s Ark, we had a short talk by Lisa Collins and even a quiz about Noah.

Michael Collins – Spiritual gifts Luke 11v 9-13

Sunday 20th February 2022

13th February 2022 – Unfortunately this talk was not recorded.  Angela Johnson-Coccia came to speak to us about one of the spiritual gifts.  She spoke to us about the gifts of ‘helps’ (helping).  This could be helping financially, relationally, spiritually etc.  She used a lovely example about not letting someone fall and this applies to the spiritual journey of helping to keep a person on track.

Mandy Smith – Spiritual gifts

Sunday 6th February 2022

Mandy Smith – 1 John 1: 5-10

Sunday 23rd January 2022

Mandy Smith – Fellowship

Sunday 16th January 2022

9th January 2022 – Ben and Becca Foxwell were baptised.  Testimonies were shared by both Ben and Becca and then full believers baptism.  Unfortunately this was unable to be recorded.

Mandy Smith – Joshua 4

Sunday 2nd January 2022

19th December a Carol Service was held which was not recorded, as also the Christmas Day Service.  No service on Sunday 26th December.

Mandy Smith – The meaning of Christmas

Sunday 12th December 2021

Sunday 5th December – We apologise as this sermon was not able to be recorded, the church was blessed by Angela Johnson-Coccia coming to speak to us.

Sunday 28th November – This service was not recorded as was Spirit led and had full church participation.  The core team are going to meet at a later date and will use points bought during the service to plan for next year.

Angela Johnson-Coccia – Worship in Spirit and Truth

Sunday 21st November 2021

Becca Foxwell – 2 Timothy 1: 7

Sunday 14th November 2021

Gary Winson – Ecclesiastes 12: 1-8

Sunday 7th November 2021

Sunday 31st October – This service was a family service with lots of interaction and was therefore not recorded.  Mandy spoke from 1 John about Jesus being the light in the darkness and the children made lighthouses out of craft materials.

Mandy Smith – Build your altar

Sunday 24th October 2021

Angela Johnson-Coccia – Harvest

Sunday 17th October 2021

Mandy Smith – Trinity – Holy Spirit

Sunday 10th October 2021

Mandy Smith – Trinity – Jesus

Sunday 3rd October 2021

Graham Burnby-Crouch – The priesthood of all believers

Sunday 26th September 2021

Mandy Smith – Father God

Sunday 19th September 2021

Chris Bowater – Purpose (joint service at Skegness)

Sunday 12th September 2021

Mandy Smith – Good news and the Trinity

Sunday 5th September 2021

Mandy Smith – The prodigal son

Sunday 29th August 2021

Mandy Smith – Dedication Service

Sunday 22nd August 2021

Mandy Smith – Psalm 46 v 10

Sunday 15th August 2021

Sunday 8th August – Dave Middleton came to speak to us from The Storehouse Church in Skegness.  The recording of the service did not speak but Dave spoke that the devil is trying to provoke us and seven things to do to resist – James 4 verses 7 – 10.

Mandy Smith – The woman at the well

Sunday 1st August 2021

Andrew Murray prophetic word for the church

Sunday 25th July 2021

Obedience – Angela Johnson-Coccia

Sunday 25th July 2021

Sunday 18th July – No recording was made of the service on this date as time was taken during the service to let individuals share any messages they received for the church.

Self Control (Fruit of the Spirit) – Mandy Smith

Sunday 11th July 2021

Gentleness (Fruit of the Spirit) – Angela Johnson-Coccia

Sunday 4th July 2021

Faithfulness (Fruit of the Spirit) – Mandy Smith

Sunday 27th June 2021

Goodness (Fruit of the Spirit) – Becca Foxwell

Sunday 20th June 2021

Kindness (Fruit of the Spirit) – Mandy Smith

Sunday 13th June 2021

Patience (Fruit of the Spirit) – Mandy Smith

Sunday 6th June 2021

Peace (Fruit of the Spirit) – Angela Johnson-Coccia

Sunday 30th May 2021

Joy (Fruit of the Spirit) – Mandy Smith

Sunday 23rd May 2021

Love – 1 Corinthians 13 – Mandy Smith

Sunday 16th May 2021

Guest speaker David Bruce shares his testimony

Sunday 9th May 2021

Galatians 5 v 13-25 – Mandy Smith

Sunday 2nd May 2021

Galatians 1 – Mandy Smith

Sunday 25th April 2021

Step out – Mandy Smith

Sunday 18th April 2021

Step Up – Mandy Smith

Sunday 11th April 2021

Easter Sunday – Anna and Peter Davies

Sunday 4th April 2021

John 12: 12-16 – Mandy Smith

Sunday 28th March 2021

‘Faithful followers’ 2 Timothy 2 1-10 – Gavin Calver

Sunday 21st March 2021

Philippians 4: 10-23 – Mandy Smith

 Sunday 14th March 2021

Philippians 4: 1-9 – Mandy Smith

 Sunday 7th March 2021

Philippians 3: 10-21 – Mandy Smith

 Sunday 28th February 2021

Philippians 3: 1-9 – Mandy Smith

 Sunday 21st February 2021

Philippians 2: 19-30 – Mandy Smith

 Sunday 14th February 2021

Philippians 2: 12-18 – Mandy Smith

 Sunday 7th February 2021

Philippians 2: 1-11 – Becca Foxwell

 Sunday 31st January 2021

Philippians 1: 27-30 – Mandy Smith

 Sunday 24th January 2021

Philippians 1: 12-26 – Mandy Smith

 Sunday 17th January 2021

Philippians 1: 3-11 – Mandy Smith

 Sunday 10th January 2021

Philippians 1: 1-2 – Mandy Smith

 Sunday 3rd January 2021

Christmas day message – Mandy Smith

 Friday 25th December 2020

The Storehouse Alford Christmas video 2020

 Message of Hope

Love – Fourth Advent Sunday Mandy Smith

 Sunday 20th December 2020

Joy – Third Advent Sunday Mandy Smith

 Sunday 13th December 2020

Peace – Second Advent Sunday Angela Johnson-Coccia

 Sunday 6th December 2020

Hope – First Advent Sunday Mandy Smith

 Sunday 29th November 2020

Gavin Calver – CEO Evangelical Alliance

 Sunday 22nd November 2020

Unity in Body – Mandy Smith

 Sunday 15th November 2020

Union in Christ – Mandy Smith

 Sunday 8th November 2020

The Favor of God – Andrew Murray

 Sunday 1st November 2020

The parable of the ten virgins – Mandy Smith

Sunday 25th October 2020

Harvest – Mandy Smith

Sunday 18th October 2020

The Lord God Almighty – Tom Mitchell

Sunday 11th October 2020

The Lord is my healer – Mandy Smith

Sunday 4th October 2020

The Lord is our banner – Mandy Smith

Sunday 27th September 2020

The Lord our Righteousness and Sanctifier – Angela Johnson- Coccia

Sunday 20th September 2020

The Lord’s my Shepherd – Mandy Smith

Sunday 13th September 2020

Greed – Mandy Smith

Sunday 15th  March 2020

Wisdom - Angela Johnson-Coccia

Sunday 8th March 2020

No Favouritism - Angela Johnson-Coccia

Sunday 16th February 2020

Listening & Hearing God - Mandy Smith

Sunday 9th February 2020

Temptations - Mandy Smith

Sunday 2nd February 2020

Armour of God - Mandy Smith

Sunday 19th January 2020

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