Coronavirus Situation Update

This page aims to keep everyone updated regarding the church during the present Coronavirus situation.

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9.30am Mon – Fri – Mandy Smith
9.30am Sat – Beca Foxwell
10.30am Sunday Service

7.00pm Wed – Prayer Gathering – Ben Foxwell

Sunday service worship 10.30 followed by preach instructions the day before on Facebook.
Please contact Ben Foxwell regarding Prayer Gathering by email for instructions and link. 

Foodbank Open Monday - Friday 10.30 am - 12.30 pm at the Access Centre

Mandy SmithThe Storehouse Church Alford

16th March 2020

Following the latest government advice resulting from the outbreak of coronavirus, the church leadership has decided that all church & social activities operated and run by The Storehouse Church Alford will be suspended until further notice. This includes Sunday morning meetings, the cafe, Wednesday senior’s meeting, youth church and youth group. The Alford Foodbank is expected to continue operating as normal.
During this partial shutdown, the church will be using the Facebook group much more, so we encourage you to regularly access the church Facebook group page. We expect there to be not just news updates, but other communications. On Sunday morning, there will a Facebook live video from Mandy & Martin, with worship, prayer and a short preach (on the Church Facebook group).
While this situation is far from ideal, it is nevertheless an opportunity to “do church” in different ways. There may be less face-to-face contact, but, using social media, we could still regularly communicate, pray, worship, look after one another or just chat. If anyone has any suggestions on how to “do church” differently, please do get in touch.
We are aware that there are some people who do not use Facebook (or other internet-based communications) and so we are looking at ways to help ensure that no one will be left isolated.
The church leadership would very much appreciate being kept up to date with any issues that members of the congregation have, whether it be health or otherwise. Equally, any praise reports would be most welcome. Pastor Mandy Smith can be contacted at any time via the main church phone number 01507 462990.
We understand that these are challenging times for people, with a high degree of uncertainty over what to expect over the coming weeks, but we are keen to stress that God is very much in these circumstances and that we are expecting great things to come out of this. We believe that God will provide for all our needs, that healing and good health are a right that we can claim, that Jesus came to destroy all the works of the enemy, that no weapon formed against us will prosper, that King Jesus has already won the spiritual battle, that a root of fear will not take hold and that the prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.

The Storehouse Church Alford leadership team.

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